Enrage on the west east be defeated by pipeline company to face new condition p
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11 " eve, enrage on the west east be defeated by pipeline company to hold put into production to run celebration 5 years through video system, with commending ceremoniously this plants model worker of 6 basic level festival and austere manner celebrates conduit 5 years old " birthday " .
"Birthday " pass, enrage on the west east be defeated by pipeline company leading group to stand on new start, deliver the view to did not come 5 years.
Enrage on the west east be defeated by pipeline company to basically lead such summary: Current, the period that Chinese oil natural gas and pipeline business are lying to develop at full speed. Group company puts forward clearly to want to accelerate advance northeast, northwest, southwest, maritime passageway of strategy of 4 lard gas and backbone of domestic oil gas are in charge of a net to build, 8 years Chinese oil will build pipeline of of all kinds oil gas henceforth many 30, total course of development 30 thousand more than kilometer, natural gas carries ability to will achieve left and right sides of 170 billion stere. At the appointed time, enrage on the west east the conduit length that is defeated by pipeline company to run operation will achieve more than 10000 kilometers, the canal is defeated by ability to be close to 50 billion stere, this since expands opportunity goodly, it is unusually grim challenge.
"Field station buries ground cop to corrode, calamity of geology of along the line, violate the rules and regulations is occupied pressure, the safe hidden trouble such as tripartite harm, move to conduit safety constitute bigger menace; Moving station field and equipment are continuous grow in quantity, pipeline system is close to full load to move, increased scientific organization to produce the difficulty that move, raised taller requirement to employee quality; The abidance of natural gas supply grows, the intense competition of downstream market, make contradiction of natural gas supply and demand produces profound change, ensure natural gas sales volume and benefit are the greatest the difficulty that change is increased ceaselessly " , to the austere sex of prospective situation, enrage on the west east be defeated by Huang Zejun of pipeline company general manager to having sober knowledge, also have clarity answer train of thought. He thinks, in the process that in administrative range and operation dimensions rapid growth, natural gas is carried and market sale task accentuates ceaselessly, make sure conduit safety is smooth and efficient better operation, be enrage on the west east be defeated by the chief problem that should solve.
Start working did not turn round arrow. Huang Zejun says, want to solve this problem, without shortcut. Must arouse from on to next all employee firm establish responsibility consciousness, producing, manage the 3 big liability that wait for each link to remember bear well from beginning to end. Make everybody deep realise, regard net of canal of backbone of countrywide natural gas as main component enrage on the west east be defeated, the weighty responsibility that develop in national economy and assumes in security of safeguard nation energy resources and glorious mission. "Move to cannot stop momently, air feed cannot be broken momently " the responsibility that is faculty, it is the jumping-off place of all jobs and stay dot, with each individual be closely bound up. Huang Zejun says confidently: 5 years of difficulty in the past are very much, but we were overcome one by one. Although did not come 5 years,new difficulty also can emerge in endlessly, but we have confidence to be answered successfully likewise.
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