"Enrage on the west east be defeated " 2 years of crop will break through carat
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From carat the Xinjiang of seat of 2 gas field did obeisance to know of city county government recently, up to by September, "Enrage on the west east be defeated " outside pulling 2 gas field to already was finished this year, gram of brunt gas field is defeated by 8.9 billion stere of natural gas, annual crop hopeful breaks through 12.5 billion stere. This indicates 2 gas field is opposite a carat " enrage on the west east be defeated " the resource safeguard ability of the project increases further.
Oil field of the wood in tower of the oil in occupying introduces before this, "Enrage on the west east be defeated " project building comes nearly 4 years, oil field of the wood in the tower already accumulative total transports high grade natural gas to the eastpart part 402. 5.7 billion stere, be equivalent to using 30 million tons of coal less, reduce the harmful material such as 2 oxidation sulfur, carbon dioxide and dust to discharge many tons 150. Carat 2 gas field is especially extrahigh voltage, tall abundance, special of high yield large get ready natural gas cropland, explore will enrage geological reserves like that tomorrow 284 billion stere. Its discovery facilitates directly construction " enrage on the west east be defeated " project, already benefit and whole nation 80 many big in 200 million much dweller of the city.