"Enrage on the west east be defeated " contaminant of area of hurried China the
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Those who traverse Chinese thing " enrage on the west east be defeated " since the project is enlightened, while economy of region of stimulative China the eastpart part grows, reduced local contaminant effectively discharge.
"Enrage on the west east be defeated " project at 2 4 years 00 on December 30 since operation of all fronts business, natural gas already transported outside accumulative total five hundred million four hundred stere, make wastage of coal of area of Chinese the eastpart part reduces five tons, calculate according to environmental protection branch, this is equivalent to reducing pollution ill other people discharges a stupid person 100 thousand tons, achieved economy and social progress double win.
Get increasingly as a result of natural gas of clean the sources of energy the welcome of downstream market, drive cop length to increase directly, nowadays " enrage on the west east be defeated " cop overall length has increased more than 6700 kilometers.
Current, enrage on the west east be defeated by a project downstream user already increased 100 current from more than 30, oil field of the wood in the tower year the seven hundred million one hundred and thirty stere that rise to last year from 5 years of 00 2 four hundred million and forty stere for tolerance, predict to will exceed two billion one hundred and fifteen million and ninety-eight thousand one hundred and twelve stere this year, 200 million population are benefited from which.
Through having gas field continuously construction and gas of add voltage build-up stand, enrage on the west east lose ability of project air feed already from original annual seven hundred and five million and thirty-two thousand seven hundred and four stere increase current enrage on the west east be defeated by a project on the west paragraph -179869184 stere, east paragraph -884901888 stere, better land satisfied the requirement of downstream market.
Through in last few years ceaseless construction is perfect, enrage on the west at present east be defeated by conduit already Dalimu, will long celebrate, plain change and Chaidamu be well versed in of net of couplet of 4 air area, become backbone of Chinese natural gas to provide the main component of the net, enrage on the west east the sex of on the safe side that loses a project to transport gas gets farther promotion.