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Build project manger department to learn from Chinese oil pipeline, up to on October 20, full-length of 1573 kilometers enrage on the west east lose second line on the west paragraph main body solders to already finished 1024 kilometers, break through 1000 kilometers to close greatly, solder percent of pass is amounted to 98.87% , project is integrated plan moves according to the plan. Suddenly Er fruit this head station of station, Gong Liu calm sb's anger and tunnel of channel of fruit of control sex project group construction is accelerated in the round advance.
On the west second line on the west paragraph from Feburary 22 since start working, conduit builds project manger department to strengthen constituent leader, science allocates construction resource, reasonable arrangement construction plans, pay comprehensive plan balance. Gold period is built in the summertime conduit that just goes, lift conduit to build a climax, on resource allocation, emphasize considering as a whole, take care of a dot truly, center advantage equipment, in on the west paragraph launch flow operation of mechanization of large troop formation, build gain time for later period. Union is in charge of material to supply a case, while the key accelerates Xinjiang Duan Jian to set, advance Gansu Province Duan Hening short for Shaanxi Province paragraph construction is integrated plan. EPC always contracts in ensure project plan while, sufficient play specializations administrative dominant position, strengthen safe quality management, system of check of aggrandizement make one's rounds, flying check, sampling observation, carry out spot monitoring to important working procedure, build guarantee system of construction contractor quality, execute safe quality performance to assess one ticket to overrule a system, ensure project quality maintains from beginning to end in 98.5% above. Put forth effort of inspect manage work increases inspect manage is perambulatory with examination strength, those who make phasing answer correct and precautionary measures, make sure construction quality is in controlled condition.
Below the joint efforts that builds an unit in each ginseng, each job is advanced in the round. Project plan forms for reporting statistics shows, up to now, all fronts already finished eighty-three thousand three hundred and ninety-one filling mouth jobs, 2 times backfill finishs 715 kilometers. Suddenly Er fruit this head the area base concrete that finish irrigates compressor of station of calm sb's anger of station, Gong Liu build, 20 stations field already had the rest 11 undertake monomer earth builds construction. 154 place 3 wear a project already start working 42 place. Fruit channel tunnel group in, 4A date channel already on October 5 be well versed in, channel of Ningxia Duan Bing and go up river edge channel in September be well versed in of the middle ten days of a month. Construction difficulty is the biggest, full-length footage of 3088 meters accumulative total of a channel 1934 meters, 2 finish 2203 meters to 6 channel accumulative total.
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