Enrage on the west east be defeated by quality of construction of second line e
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Run path bureau from Chinese oil natural gas enrage on the west east be defeated by ministry of project of second line project to learn, enrage on the west east lose second line on the west paragraph conduit solders to already was close to 1000 kilometer, conduit solders percent of pass is close 99 % , in 52 aircrew, 11 aircrew month solders percent of pass achieves 100 % , achieve a conduit welder Cheng quality is best level.
Enrage on the west east be defeated by second line project to regard strategy of Chinese nation energy resources as the project, it is the natural gas conduit with the highest grade on international, have a design pressure is highest (30 million handkerchief) , lose an amount the biggest (year 30 billion stere) , the distance is the longest (nearly 9000 kilometer) , steel level is top (X80 steel) wait for a characteristic. Accordingly, the project designs a standard mechanization rate is tall, high.
To ensure on the west world of second line building's top-ranking plumbing, conduit bureau regards quality control as in beginning of engineering go into operation the first important or urgent business will catch. In construction, quality department of ministry of second line project refines construction segment control on the west, strict working procedure manages, undertake quality information count and analysis every months regularly every week, the quality issue that gives to report has assess, have an analysis, have the way to deal with a situation, have dog, have feedback, cogent increase whole journey of engineering construction quality to control strength. All fronts solders percent of pass maintains from beginning to end in 98 % above, far outclass the design quality standard of 90 % .
Current, this project already threw 4600 52 aircrew, workers, 2300 (set) equipment, the plan inside year finishs the job of cable installation in conduit of 1573 kilometer, ensure by 2009 on the west Duan Jiancheng put into production, carry in coming from inferior natural gas.