Enrage on the west east the natural gas that transports construction Zhengzhou
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In oil is enraged on the west east be defeated by main pipeline to will be transformed at the near future, offer cut along the line tolerance at the appointed time, predict to will come on September 24 on September 30, zhengzhou city will have the natural gas of close a week to be affected for should getting.
"According to calculating, during cop construction, zhengzhou city daily natural gas supplies breach to be 100 thousand stere. " limited company of Zhengzhou city natural gas introduces about chief, this in oil is enraged on the west east be defeated by conduit artery to transform, be press hidden trouble to eliminate cop to occupy, promote trunk capability transporting gas, the plan will come to will part to always be mixed in Shaanxi Yan Chuan, Shanxi on September 28 on September 23, Anhui is decided far, carry out " 3.1 line " get angry construction, during this along the line all will reduce air feed pressure.
To alleviate artery transforms brings air feed tension, branch of Zhengzhou air feed already decided to employ reserve liquefied natural gas, can make sure the 72 dwellers inside the hour wait for key user to use gas; The gas source such as bureau of oil of cropland of the crude oil in still will be being coordinated actively at the same time, China north supplies an unit to increase partial air feed to measure to Zhengzhou city as far as possible.
Additional, air feed branch reminds, because supply pressure to reduce, the car may be affected with user burning gas above all, prepare to reserve ahead of schedule please the sources of energy.