Jiangsu the Huaihe River installs many arrange of city to develop simultaneousl
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29 days, the Huaihe River installs chief of the branch such as city irrigation works, environmental protection and clear riverside area, Hunan state division to walk into this city TV station " politics (row) wind hot line " column, install citizen spot to interact with broad the Huaihe River, solve project of the clear punish that install a river enthusiasticly pertinent question, publicize the immense significance that the project carries out, this is this city to accelerate south water north moves chunk corrupt one of significant move that diversion project takes.
The clear punish that install a river is south water north is moved east line the Huaihe River brings city cut corrupt the main component of diversion project, the project is full-length 22 kilometers, encounter standard of drain flooded fields 3 years this to undertake dredge by area, carry out revetment of city section wadi 8.38 kilometers, build wadi along the line building of 51 form a complete set. Project this year the first ten days of a month is formal in October start working. Because Qing Anhe is the Huaihe River installs the exclusive catchment passageway between the canal in city and the Grant Canal, play benefit must build before next year flood, battle line of together with project is long, involve a place contradiction is much, construction diversion will be right system of water of wadi of other of the city zone produces an effect, close, task weighs project executive time, difficulty is great.
Install the unified deploy of municipal Party committee, municipal government according to the Huaihe River, this city cut corrupt diversion project place makes diversion plan scientificly. Fix diversion line according to principle of the shortest circuit, in the city zone such as Qing Yanyuan, Chu Xiuyuan important water system enters the mouth place dam, make sure park water system is insusceptible. Each construction unit increases construction staff, accelerate construction plan, civilized construction, stop carriage car " run risk a leakage " phenomenal happening, at the same time nearby chooses to abandon earthy area, construction is in and leader of clear riverside district is examined along spot of Qing Anhe along the line for many times early or late, adjust the field that decides contradiction of closer from Qing Anhe, land is small finally to serve as the area that abandon land. Increase wadi of the city zone to maintain clean strength. Capture all favorable opportunities to change water to wadi of the city zone, ask wadi protects clean responsibility unit to add a clique to keep clean staff, increase the number that protect clean, ensure surface does not have float content.