Central line builds tubal bureau to hold Beijing stone paragraph plan of plan o
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On October 28, 2008, central line builds tubal bureau to protected methodize to hold Beijing stone in Heibei paragraph plan of project of project of end of project of lash-up water supply plans special subject to meet, build tubal unit with each with respect to Beijing end of the rest of churchyard of Shi Duanhe north is versed in the project is project plan circumstance, safe during be defeated by water temporarily circumstance, return with the ground temporarily reach ask for change to undertake study to discuss seriously about the job. Zheng of director Shi Chunxian, deputy director general signs house, attune of north of the water austral Heibei province does director Yuan Fu to wait attend the meeting, each straight canal generation builds administrative unit, Heibei to build tubal bureau, Heibei paragraph designing institute of unit of each inspect manage, Heibei joined the project this conference.
Conference requirement, each ginseng builds an unit to want to accelerate plan of end labour construction, make a plan, take step, finish odd item to build as soon as possible, the key catchs good safety to defend net, bank carries slope of inside and outside of road, odd bridge, channel on the head to protect the project construction such as build by laying bricks or stones, had done return with the ground temporarily, the job such as processing of problem of the bequeath that impose change.