Central line builds tubal bureau to hold install appoint meeting meeting ensure
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On October 27, 2008, central line builds tubal bureau to hold meeting of safe production committee, the conference sums up north of the water austral this year to move work of safe production of project of central line artery, the project is safe during water is being connected when reporting Beijing stone Duan Lin circumstance, made overall arrangement to job of winter safe production. The adjustment of the member that processing of lash-up of member of committee of safe production of conference research end, safe accident leads small composition and member of panel of the safe leader that spend flood suggests. How appoint conference chairman Shi Chunxian attends the meeting, vice director Zheng Zhengyu is chaired.
Conference requirement, during water is defeated when each ginseng builds an unit to want to do Duan Lin of good Beijing stone seriously safe production works each, the key strengthens Beijing stone paragraph management of safe production of end project project, ensure winter construction is safe. Be aimed at the problem that during connecting water temporarily, the likelihood appears, strengthen perambulatory examination and observation, achieve discovery problem, feedback in time, handle in time, special place makes good meet an urgent need beforehand case, strengthen each safety to be on guard measure, put an end to safe production accident to happen.