North of the water austral Shandong province moves the bureau that build a cana
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Will come 11 days on October 9, water north is moved south east line Dong Pinghu of first phase project - Jinan paragraph project is defeated by water (project of smooth trunk canal of aid of the following abbreviation) passed south the record that water north moves project committee office to organize is special check and accept. This is the first carries record special acceptable south water north moves a project. North of the water austral Shandong province moves the bureau that build a canal to be in project process, from most archives data of the foundation is collected, arrange, retrieve use, custodial protection, statistic arrives form database of archives data system, fumble from inside practice, from the summary in fumbling, accumulate a few experience and practice, formed suit south water north is moved east line Shandong paragraph the mode of archives management job of the project.
(one) the leader takes seriously, build perfect regulations system. Project of water north attune is to cross catchment to move water project south, battlefront long, project is much, involve content extensive, form record amount much, management is intricate. Bureau leader takes height of archives management job seriously, the organization established office of archives management job, the collection to of all kinds archives, arrange reach stand roll, the job such as file built target system of job responsibility. On this foundation, build perfect system of each archives management, made early or late " archives runs temporary measure " , " archives of writ of project of attune of north of the water austral Shandong province manages detailed rules " , " reorganize of data of design of engineering of attune of north of the water austral Shandong province, construction, inspect manage and establish a requirement " , " north of the water austral Shandong province is moved, make archives management job progressively and normative.
(2) strengthen vocational training, improve archives administrator quality. North of the water austral Shandong province moves the bureau that build a canal early or late the standardization of files of of all kinds office that many archives administrator attended assign to attune of north of the water austral irrigation works ministry, the State Council does and save archives bureau to hold manages groom class, through going the means such as acceptance of work is opposite sex of building site examination, phase join the member that build unit data collator to undertake business guidance and practice groom. In the light of south water north moves Shandong paragraph what the project nods many wide battle line to grow is actual, hold two or more posts concurrently only archives personnel understands in time through all sorts of ways master construction site data to arrange a condition, discuss jointly with respect to a few problems, do one's best makes the data is collected more comprehensive, arrange quicker, ensure record quality. Build unit archives level of management to raise a project to join, in April 2006 the middle ten days of a month, the organization held archives management delibrate to groom class, about north of the water austral city tone handles affairs the administrator of archives of 150 much people that orgnaization and project ginseng build an unit attended to groom. Groom the archives administration expert that the class invites Shandong to save unit of archives bureau, brother moves archives data with respect to north of the water austral Shandong collect, arrange, establish a standard to undertake grooming, got very good result. 2007, east Dong Pinghu of line first phase - Jinan paragraph the project enters complete to check and accept level, good to do record is special check and accept, the expert that invited field of province archives bureau and management of brotherly unit archives is acceptable to be about to undertake the examination before archives data undertakes checking and accept, directive, gather range clearly, stand a standard and turn over a program to wait.
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