Line treasure should stand to be founded deep east " worker pioneer date " the
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On October 23, 2008 morning, line treasure should stand east project ministry holds staff meeting, research deploy treasure should stand the examination after flood reached below one phase to work 2008, combine treasure to should stand project ministry is declared currently provincial " worker pioneer date " activity, begin each work actively, with real operation blow " worker pioneer date " .
To ensure next year treasure should stand engineering equipment safety moves, the maintenance of the project after project ministry develops high water seriously, maintain, overhaul job, make plan of job of the inspection after detailed flood, disclose working content one by one, responsibility is specific fulfil a person, ensure the job after flood is efficient, orderly, undertake surely. Current, project ministry already was over to be offerred in couples, the overhaul of catchment pump system, establishment of the fire control inside station area and the examination of all illume establishment, safeguard etc, the overhaul that shunt-wound department manufacturer prepares to undertake having specific aim to system of 2# oil pressure, maintain, the safety that is next year pumping station runs next dozen of firm bases.
Treasure should stand project ministry will continue with " start top-ranking government outstanding achievement, establish top-ranking management group " to manage an end, insist to advocate " it is Rong Worong of the home, station in order to stand " administrative idea, development study carries out scientific progress to watch, insist to be with the person this, carry on a worker adequately " master " spirit, found the job all right with real operation carry out.