River of the Huaihe River that save administer is attended before Shandong save
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Region of river of the Huaihe River that save administer and south water north moves Yellow River of along the line with south Duan Shui pollutes job of prevention and cure to attemper can hold in jujube village, the meeting is attended before vice-governor Li Zhao and speak.
Point out before Li Zhao, in recent years height of government of provincial Party committee, province takes region of river of the Huaihe River seriously to treat corrupt the job, the course is various each concern a section indefatigable effort, quality of environment of the water inside catchment is improved apparently, in region of river of the Huaihe River 4 provinces are treated corrupt work in checking, came true two Lian Guan, obtained level sex positive result. Should catch region of river of good the Huaihe River to reach hammer and tongs south along the line of water north tone pollutes integrated processing, cogent strengthen fluvial section to superintend, fulfil governmental environment responsibility, water quality of section of aggrandizement discrepancy condition reports a system regularly. Want to carry out catchment strictly to be restricted to approve a system, do well construction of net of canal of sewage treatment plant is safeguarded, deepen the system of construction of urban sewage plant and operation management and mechanism reform ceaselessly, ensure stability amounts to mark to discharge. Want to carry out catchment to be administered integratedly energetically, reduce contaminative negative charge, aggrandizement environment executes the law, gravity investigates an environment to violate act, realize what I save water environment quality to be improved continuously hard.
The requirement before Li Zhao, various each want about the branch according to treat corrupt target and country check a requirement, concentrated force measures the outstanding problem that solves good existence, solid had done each to greet investigate preparative work.
After the meeting, concerned respect still waits to worked to undertake survey in jujube village with respect to environmental protection, science and technology before Li Zhao.