2009 China material of austral border conduit, canal and relevant equipment exhi
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Sponsor an unit: Association of technology of energy of Guangdong province metallurgy, Guangdong can exhibit promotion limited company (member of international exhibition management and project association IAEE)Assist run an unit: Be in charge of course of study to trade, market of stainless steel of stone of billows of city of line of business of Chinese Nanhai pipe, FosanSupport an unit: Meeting, Guangdong gives cartel of Chinese PP/PE conduit drain off water association of design of reconnaissance of city of designing institute of municipal project of city of total courtyard of research of design of building of town of professional technology committee, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shenzhen city town planning designing institute, Shenzhen, Guangdong saves Guangzhou of petrifaction of petro-chemical designing institute, China petro-chemical total factory, China: Message of business of pipeline of net of pipe fitting of industry of website of pipe fitting of market conditions of technology of network of network of net of Chinese conduit business affairs, pipeline of Chinese oil gas, China pressure pipeline, pipeline and equipment, conduit, China, China, international
Aid you to extend the market to show brand value to hold the superexcellent and professional platform of powerful competition ability PIPE EXPO is material of conduit, canal and relevant device sphere internationally professional grand meeting, it is this domain runs Hua Na region the earliest, have authority most exhibit meeting. PIPE EXPO all through the ages is brand of China and foreign countries reveals the figure, superexcellent platform that extends the market, main brand includes: Couplet model, consider the ground, maple leaf, inferior eaves of big, annulus, south benefit of model, bless, annulus fine jade, Hua Han, bay China, 3 celebrate, iron king, Bai Die, Shang Chen, tall treats · Fisher, Gelinweide. The PIPE 2009 of business affairs platform of mainstream enterprise and policymaker nots allow to miss Classics of ★ all previous is made meticulously 11 years, domain of material of canal of Hua Na conduit is the longest reach professional one of the strongest grand meeting ★ thousands of enterprise is invited, brand of China and foreign countries gathers, 12000 ㎡ area, of pipeline industry " build up date " activity of communication of form a complete set of many high administrative levels aids ★ blast- - science and technology of focusing forward position, development discusses close quarters of industry heat ★ to contact many 10000 China and foreign countries to buy the home and audience, visiting group lock decides terminal user. ★ comes from what orgnaization of many 200 government sector, industry reachs media to support energetically- - the year of the industry collects bit of ★ to exhibit a product and technology to cover popular field, steel tube industry, industrial pipe fitting reachs stainless steel conduit, give the municipal, building such as catchment pipeline of the sources of energy, petro-chemical reach the domain such as conduit burning gas.
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