EXPO 2009 of   of TUBE of   of SHANGHAI of exhibition of industry of steel tub
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International of 7 days of Shanghai will exhibit 5 ~ in May 2009 center

Exhibition of industry of Shanghai international steel tube (SHANGHAI TUBE EXPO) it is one of exhibition of steel tube major that China and Asia-Pacific area implement scale most, held 4 successfully already up to now, effect is distinguished, the essential commerce that collaboration communicates outside already becoming country of steel tube industry and reveal platform. What SHANGHAI TUBE EXPO regards steel tube as the industry is important exhibit meeting, chinese steel tube and the important window that world steel tube communicates, every assemble the latest technology of steel tube industry, newest product and forward position achievement, put up between the supplier that is steel tube product and user efficient with convenient bridge, the promotion that is new product, sale and steel tube purchased business to provide strong professional platform, it is the world gets industry market information, observe the industry develops the important way of the trend. Catchword: Make commerce of global steel tube purchase platform   theme: Chinese steel tube is enjoyed together with the worldSponsor an orgnaization: Association of steel structure of China of branch of steel tube of association of Chinese steel structure is cold guild of steel tube of Shanghai of branch of curved profiled barUndertake unit: Shanghai Shen Shi shows service limited company limited company of exhibition of Shen Shiguo border Reviewing of previous term or session ◎ major, authoritative international grand meeting -- hold independently from inside MTM SHANGHAI, dimensions gets farther strength, provide more professional, the topic is more specific, exhibit meeting cloth to extend a program reasonable. Exhibit can attract the ginseng of nearly 300 enterprises that comes from 30 countries and area to exhibit in all, show an area 12000 square metre, item on display is in charge of for solder, without seam reach pipe fitting 3 old series, it is newest product and technology for the most part. Technology of 2008 China steel tube and market talk ◎ altar -- develop to comply with the market to want sue for peace, technology of Chinese steel tube and altar of city field theory are chaired by Jiang Qiusheng of secretary-general of guild of Shanghai steel tube, famous expert Peng is in Qi Xiangdong of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese iron and steel industry and industry the beauty, Zhang Zhengang, Huang Ying, Zhang Juqin, Yu Yunjing, Xulianwen visit and, export drawback, turn over the topic such as the dumping and enterprise delegate to spread out dialog, delibrate, in all industry of business steel tube grows a major programme of lasting importance, search referenced basis for development of company the coming year. Forum information content scholar of big, expert gathers, attract a large number of professional audiences present listen respectfully. The technology of steel tube of 2009 China International that authoritative society, association supports and market forum, look authority, technical, before look up sex at an organic whole, technology and market are united in wedlock, point to China continuously the first. ◎ lock decides global professional audience -- the tripartite of spot of SHANGHAI TUBE EXPO serves business to reach sponsor just pass investigation to make clear: The audience of 89% saw interested product; The audience of 92% is satisfied to their visiting travel; The audience of 98% expresses to continue to visit next year to exhibit meeting; The audience of 83% recommends SHANGHAI TUBE EXPO to commercial associate or colleague. SHANGHAI TUBE EXPO 2009 5 big content, wonderful appear! The brand reveals high-level forum
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