The 10th China International gives CWS 2009(former WSDWTF) industry of China of
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] Chinese top-ranking water is exhibited----The assurance of character and credit! Only then 1999, annual, fixed hold in Shanghai. The water industry brand that already made Chinese come first on the list now is exhibited. Accompany the rapid development of Chinese water industry, CWS(former WSDWTF) already grew 3 years with exceeding the rate of 30% continuously. Share the 689 manufacturers ginseng that comes from 25 countries and area 8 years to exhibit, exhibit 1200 many, show an area 30000 square metre, exhibited meeting the corresponding period to hold many 30 delibrate to communication is met and negotiate meeting. CWS already was regarded as the platform of first selection trade of water industry by global industry leader, more and more enterprises include CWS choose every year surely exhibit meeting, CWS also becomes each equipment to purchase the ideal platform of dealer choose and buy. The 10th China International gives CWS2009 exhibition of catchment water treatment will on April 28, 2009 - 30 days exhibit center and store of Shanghai world trade in Shanghai international 2 exhibit a house to hold greatly, CWS will greet the 10th her grand ceremony 2009, without doubt, CWS2009 is a when make a person expect most, sponsor square also do one's best has innovation and breakthrough on form and content, enabled new English name, new label, dedicate for world guest hard a more wonderful industry is exhibited greatly. ] the major that why attends CWS 2009 l to have water of Chinese the biggest brand to exhibit powerful consequence L nearly ten years to accumulate L of formation powerful client natural resources to know a large number of high quality buys the home, top-ranking enterprise of l of channel of wide expense carry out and international is the same as stage communication, those who increase a business is famous spend and L of international competition ability attends top-ranking industry seminar, absorb international newest the most advanced industry knowledge L is capable of the governmental orgnaization at having authority most sponsor with support L gets much home is stationed in China the favour L that the large international such as consulate and guild forms a delegation pervades the whole world the propagandist offensive of many 140 strong media, create the market potential that more business chance L make a person shake, exhibit an enterprise to provide vast market space to join] congress message exhibits meeting name: The 10th China International gives CWS2009 time of exhibition of exhibition of catchment water treatment: On April 28, 2009 - place of 30 days of exhibitions: Shanghai international exhibits store of trade of world of central & Shanghai to show an area: 35000 M2 (predict) ginseng exhibit a manufacturer: 760 watch many number: 35000 people are in charge of an unit: Ministry of environmental protection of People's Republic of China sponsors an unit: Chinese environment science learns international of the trade in Shanghai to exhibit limited company to support an unit: England of association of Wu of water of England of alliance of world water environment is concessionary and royal water Wu and environment of Korea of environmental government institute conserve news agency of industry of meeting Korea environment appoints Technical Promotion of industry of the environment in association Han journal: " world water and environmental project " ] previous term or session is wonderful review ginseng of L previous term or session to exhibit business and exhibit GE of enterprise of round world-renowned brand, Ge Lanfu, Xi Menzi, 3M, day to stand, 3 water chestnut, Ha Xi, Hai Deneng. The United States is stationed in international of enterprise of alliance of environment of Shanghai consulate, world water, France to develop nation of bureau, Sweden republic of embassy, Czech gets environment of embassy of house, Israel, Korea to conserve industry of the environment in association, Han revitalizes meeting, meridian environment to be assisted in tandem.
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