Valve of pump of conduit of natural gas of oil of 2009 China International and s
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Valve of pump of conduit of natural gas of oil of 2009 China International and store 2009 China International Petroleum And Natural Gas Pipeline Valve Doors And Storage Technology 2009 of exhibition of carry technology equipment year on April 14 - 16 days of Shanghai smooth congress exhibit a center (road of water transport treasure 88) project of petrifaction of oil of constituent unit China learns: Shanghai as international banking center, be located in long triangle area, and area of whole Hua Dong, having China to have the catenary of manufacturing industry industry of vigor and market most. Because grow the economic prosperity of trigonometry area, make we win enough professional audience support. Conduit of natural gas of Shanghai international oil store carry extends the advantage of ground predestined relationship that relies on Hua Dong area, draw number with 10 thousand plan spot of presence of global professional audience. Current exhibit can adopt with industry forum, learning communication meeting, product popularizes meeting, exhibition, commerce to negotiate, purchase the form that waits for photograph union, filled fission to show to exhibit the authority of the meeting and actual effect sex. Conduit of natural gas of China International oil store the industry distinguished gathering that carries exhibiting is Chinese oil field, at will be in Shanghai on April 14, 2009 smooth congress exhibits a center to hold, exhibit the meeting is mutual come from the United States, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, England, Denmark, Holand, Iran, Japan, Singapore ten countries exhibit a group to attend. Last in national economy perch of prices of rapid growth, international is climbed rise drive, market of natural gas of our country oil is added force is powerful, resource is supplied appear in short supply, the price rises in the round and keep exalted and strong, economic benefits of trade of oil natural gas rises considerably. Industry of oil natural gas regards the important pillar of economy of our country countryman as the industry, the front is facing unprecedented challenge. International capital quickened the pace that enters industry of petrifaction of our country oil, the project of oil natural gas with investment of a batch of foreign traders and joint-stock China and foreign countries will in succession start working, enterprise of domestic oil natural gas accelerates technical progress to raise the pace of company competition ability to also be being accelerated. Current the businessman outside exhibiting meeting general to draw country attends the meeting, reveal through the product, technical communication, the production that is industry of natural gas of domestic and international oil, treatment, commerce and professional user build an all-around Gao Shui to allow high grade high quality to communicate platform. We invite the personage inside all circles course of study to participate in current exhibition cordially.
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