Water treatment of international of Harbin of the 9th China gives sewerage and p
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Place: Harbin international exhibition center
Time: On April 20, 2009 - 22 daySupport an unit: Association of industry of Chinese environmental protection, Heilongjiang saves environmental protection bureauSponsor an unit: Bureau of Harbin city environmental protection bureau, Wu of Harbin town water, Harbin lays catchment group town planning bureau of health bureau of supervisory bureau of technology of finite liability company, Harbin city quality, Harbin city, Harbin cityUndertake unit: Limited company of exhibition of great exploit of the letter in HarbinAssist run an unit: Association of Heilongjiang province water supply, Heilongjiang saves association of association of environmental protection industry, Harbin city environmental protection industryAssist do medium: " water supply catchment " " catchment of Chinese water supply " " industrial water treatment " " warm connect drain off water " " irrigation works science and technology and economy " " Chinese water world " " water continuously times " " manual of pump valve quote " " material of & of water treatment equipment purchases a directory " " run line of business now
Introductive: Annual Harbin " exhibition of sewerage of international water treatment, water supply and pump, valve, conduit " already held 8 continuously, got those who reach water domain public figure 3 provinces and domestic outer shroud protect relevant government sector, guild, northeast energetically support and assistance, obtained consummation, with its dimensions tall, ginseng exhibits big, professional level the manufacturer is much, exhibit a product new, showpiece the effect is good and in industry far-reaching, reputation is outstanding, by industry praise for northeast area " water industry the first exhibit " , it is northeast area annual indispensable trade regular meeting. At present Chinese government is carrying out the old industry base such as northeast to revitalize the strategy energetically. "Revitalize northeast " becoming " western development " later deploy of strategy of economy of another central key, the investment with huge government and policy support created new business chance for enterprise of China and foreign countries. To 22 days we will be held on April 20, 2009 " exhibition of sewerage of water treatment of international of Harbin of the 9th China, water supply and pump, valve, conduit " . Exhibit this can exhibit an area 22000 smooth rice, will disentomb adequately environmental protection information, science and technology, industry and market dominant position, it is manufacturer, supplier, use unit, course of study wife person, domestic and international relevant enterprise is northeastern economy is new round one is offerred in revitalizing brand-new reveal. We will go to the ground to exhibit manufacturer to provide more excellent service for broad ginseng like afterwards, rely on us to do for years postpone experience and arduous job, organize more professional audience ginseng to meet with all one's strength, the dimensions that assures exhibition adequately, audience, effect and ginseng extend the benefit of business.
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