International of the 10th Guangzhou runs trade fair metal of international of th
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Fair of trade of pipe of international of the 10th Guangzhou answers bureau of bureau of total office of Department of Commerce, customs, copyright, intellectual property to initiate to cooperate " exhibit meeting intellectual property protects way " , limited company of plan of Guangzhou billow exhibition is established by Department of Commerce for orgnaization of group of Guangzhou area contact, exhibit to increase meeting intellectual property protects consciousness, effective keep within limits is exhibited during the meeting the behavior such as intellectual property, the standard builds fair competitive environment, breed famous international to exhibit meeting. Exhibit from the 8th can begin to establish a brand to exhibit a house especially, the business that if want,enters a brand to exhibit a house must have atmosphere to shine beautiful the product of figure and new and high technology.
Before acceding 9 abound resource and experience, every 50% point of growths, attract 200 thousand professional user to purchase business, accept the world fully attention of commerical department of a few 30 states and official website and whole world release information on many 200 media: "International of the 10th Guangzhou runs trade fair " , in the Asia the biggest exhibit a house to hold. We hope you head the group of elite sincerely, atmosphere is bright the product of beautiful figure and new and high technology will reveal, because we prepared a brand for you,exhibit an area.
Review the whole world, the expert is fatidical: Wriggle a? of discharge of Shi of enough fleabane of Jia of the Huaihe River of show off of arrest favour archives and China is exhibited greatly it is under our joint efforts! Hope you are in current exhibit can get on the meeting, see, acquire, laugh. Do not let us invite the whole world that attend a meeting 200 thousand user (look around purchase business) cannot see new, buy the product that has been less than.
We can wear a world's top-ranking bridge certainly, top-ranking arena, business chance is in wait for you.
Program arrangement reachs showpiece point
Showpiece time: Will remove to 26 days on June 23, 2009 extend time: On June 26, 2009 (afternoon at 1 o'clock)
Cloth extends time: Will come 22 days on June 20, 2009
Nod showpiece: Pa continent exhibits Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise house first phase first (Guangzhou city reads Jiang Zhonglu 380)
Brilliant outstanding achievement
Before 9 are exhibited meeting, have come from 25 countries and area ginseng of thousands of manufacturer is exhibited, attracted domestic and international accumulative total 460 thousand person-time looks around.
Show scale
Exhibit an area to predict 55000 square metre, ginseng of on 1000 well-known companies is exhibited.
Brand-new window
1.Extend meeting scope bigger, brand enterprise is more, administrative levels is higher.
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