The 7th 2009 China (Jinan) international reachs pump valve exhibition to drainpi
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Time: In April 2009 17 - 19 dayPlace: International exhibition center of Jinan of · of high new developed area (the road austral industry 28)Support an unit: Government of people of city of hall of Shandong province construction, Jinan, Shandong saves municipal project association, Shandong to save city of provincial capital of real estate association, Shandong to build committee, Shandong to save office of housing materials industry, Shandong to save construction project invite public bidding to bid architecture of association, Shandong

Undertake unit: Jinan letter exhibits Hong Kong of exhibition limited company east harbor international shows limited companySponsor an unit:
Commerce of China International of stimulative center of development of trade of classics of Asia of association of Chinese building adornment promotes federation China to build advisory committee of adornment society news
Assist do medium:

" discover resource · water treatment " " elite tubal line of business " " conduit market conditions " " run line of business now " " pump valve market conditions " " world of valve of pump of · of information of big beautiful international signs up for " " China runs industry world " " Chinese valve " " pump valve information "
★ ginseng extends range: ● conduit kind: The building gives, pipeline of catchment, water; Blowdown conduit; Light tracheal way; Be defeated, exhaust conduit; Fire control conduit; Conduit of post and telecommunications, communication; Electric power, electrical engineering conduit; Municipal give, catchment conduit; Conduit of oil, chemical industry; Irrigation works conduit; Industry and agriculture uses conduit to wait. ● provides material kind: Model provides a product: Horniness polyethylene is in charge of (UPVC) ; Polyethylene is in charge of (PE) ; PP-R canal; Twine a canal; Cross-linking polyethylene is in charge of (PEX) ; Polypropylene is in charge of (PP) ; Glass reinforced plastics places arenaceous valve (RMP) ; ABS project is plastic canal; Ripple of odd, double wall is in charge of; Chloridize pvc is in charge of (CPVC) ; Silicon core canal, wintersweet canal, metal, plastic multiple tube; ● water pump kind: Centrifugal pump, suck oneself pump of pump, multistage pump, metric pump, peristaltic pump, chemical industry, water pump, process pump, sewage pump, vortical pump, anti-corrosive pump, conduit pump, sumbersible pump, swim pool pump, irrigate all sorts of pump, fire pump, blowdown pump, water pump giving a platoon; Class of ● a powerful person: Butterfly a powerful person, brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, check valve, delay shuts a powerful person of a powerful person of check valve, ball valve, force plunger, pneumatic a powerful person, electromagnetism a powerful person, control valve, relief valve, hydraulic control, lock to shut a powerful person of a powerful person of a powerful person of fluorine of a powerful person, line, chemical industry, special type to wait reach form a complete set, lubricant, sealed;
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