Dozenth exhibition of industry of project of a Guangzhou international valve, co
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Dozenth exhibition of industry of project of a Guangzhou international valve, conduit, fluid, flow Dozenth exhibition of industry of project of a Guangzhou international valve, conduit, fluid, flowAbbreviation: The fluid is exhibited The fluid is exhibited Time: 25-27 day ground will nod in March 2009: Guangzhou gymnasium exhibits a center (south highway of Guangzhou city white cloud 783) the professional grand meeting that exhibiting FLOWEXPO of meeting brief introduction is project of valve, conduit, fluid and flow industry domain, only then achieve in March 1997, hold cycle to be annual, secure at the last week March hold in Guangzhou.
The audience that FLOWEXPO invites and ginseng exhibit business to come from many countries and area, the audience includes to come from country and the area such as China, United States, Germany, France, England, Italy, Australia, Canada, Japan, Denmark, Spain, Norwegian, Korea, Singapore, India, Pakistan, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan. Include company of business of agency, agent, trafficker, production, imports and exports, international trade company to wait buy the home, and petrifaction, oil refining, chemical industry, the sources of energy, electric power, make oar, papermaking, pharmacy, food, beverage, beer, light industrial, building materials, spin, mining, metallurgy, water supply, air feed, heat addition, environmental protection, water treatment, industrial equipment, Electromechanical installs a project, oil, natural gas long be defeated by cop project, project of city building, water supply, air feed, heat addition, sewage disposal, catchment of building, water supply, warm the concerned personage that opens the trade such as project of air conditioning, fire control, installation burning gas.
FLOWEXPO with " exhibit speak or sing alternately of can professional, audience, effect remarkable " and celebrated, get the consistent praise highly of the personage inside course of study, got website of many 100 famous the press, professional magazine, industry is reached relevant exhibit the conduct propaganda that can sponsor an orgnaization to support (layout is finite cannot list one by one, if think understanding,invite report to seek advice) . Extend meeting the corresponding period, sponsor unit and China to concern branch and guild collaboration, organize domestic and international famous expert to hold technical chair, invite orgnaization of company of company of designing institute, engineering, installation company, imports and exports, business affairs, association, society to form a delegation look around, purchase, study, communication.
FLOWEXPO will become you to develop the market and one of optimal platform that search business chance! We believe current exhibit the ginseng of the meeting to exhibit business and audience amount to will innovate again tall, look around exhibit the meeting is free, book exhibit a beard to apply for ahead of schedule, mix as soon as possible please our contact! Main item on display
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