The 9th 2009 China (Qingdao) international gives the first water of catchment wa
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Time: 27 days of ground will order ~3 month on March 25, 2009: Qingdao international exhibition center (seedling mountain road 9) sponsor an unit: Assist run an unit: The chamber of commerce of Shandong of chamber of commerce of countryside office China International of valve of pump of China of branch of province of Shandong of stimulative commission of trade of China International of petro-chemical association of Shandong of stimulative center of development of Asian classics trade always international can exhibit name of sea of Qingdao of association of industry of valve of fine county pump limited company undertakes unit: Abroad assist do: International can exhibit Qingdao sea name limited company Hong Kong east ※ of of limited company of freely culture transmission bears name of sea of of limited company of harbor international exhibition media: " industry of water of Hui Cong net " " Chinese section water " " elite of tubal line of business " " pump valve eyeshot " " conduit market conditions " " Chinese water industry " " water industry equipment " " international water industry " " China waters continuously " " pump valve information " " pump, irrigation works construction always invests dimensions to will achieve seventy-four billion three hundred and thirty-one million yuan, among them, project of water natural resources invests fifty-two billion six hundred and eighty-four million yuan, the special project such as construction of irrigation works ability, infrastructure invests 546 million yuan. Future inside 5 years, the environmental protection that Shandong saves invests amount to will exceed 300 billion yuan. 1000 focal points that include government of construction of urban sewage treatment plant, province to decide pollute an enterprise to pollute processing, save the project such as the construction of establishment of generation set to decoke of the power plant of 60% , heat and power plant completely, occupy environmental protection to invest the 50% above of amount, shandong will become desalt of country's biggest seawater of market of water industry product to making a burgeoning industry increasingly in Shandong seawater desalt. Shandong is the province with the widest application of countrywide seawater desalt, build briny desalination project in all 16 place, current, 3 briny desalt items that day produces 7000 stere above are intensifying Qingdao construction.
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