The 4th 2009 China (Shanghai) exhibition of industry of international steel tube
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Time: On March 8, 2009 - 10 days
Address: Shanghai light congress exhibits a center (road of water transport treasure 66)Sponsor an unit: Data of metal of chamber of commerce of course of study of metallurgy of federation of countrywide industry and commerce, China is current committee of major of conduit of chamber of commerce of equipment of chemical industry of branch of industry of pipeline of association of project of fluid of chamber of commerce of company of oil of branch of association stainless steel, China, China, China
Media support: " solder is in charge of " " the metal is in charge of " " the century runs line of business " " steel tube " net of oil of China of net of chemical industry of China of heaven and earth of 114 stainless steel, world oil net, China is in charge of steel tube of net of Chinese bend pipe fitting net of steel tube of industry net, project fluid net, world, steel tubeUndertake unit: Shanghai glume brightness exhibition service limited company, review with look into the 3rd " exhibition of China International steel tube " obtained consummation. 377 enterprises that come from 18 countries and area attend this second exhibit meeting, exhibit an area 13800 square metre (close about exhibit 580) . The exhibition visits more than 18000, among them, abroad audience more than 1000. Shanghai international steel tube is exhibited since was being held first 2006 oneself, its dimensions and consequence expand ceaselessly all the time. Growth range exceeds 30% to already made scale of industry of Chinese steel tube force is the the biggest, largest exhibit one of meetings. Here we to all exhibiting dealer shows cordial acknowledgment. 2009 " steel tube of international of the 4th Shanghai is exhibited " will with 8-10 day will be in Shanghai in March 2009 smooth congress exhibits a center to hold, the preparatory job of exhibition has begun, the effort that we expect to pass us, media the participation of the friend's support and enterprise makes 2009 " exhibition of steel tube of international of the 4th Shanghai " will go up again a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Promotion means 1, through domestic and international many 70 professional media, website, magazine, TV, the press is released current exhibit the information of the meeting, be in before exhibiting, in exhibiting, after exhibiting, make dog all-aroundly propagandist report, expand exhibit the consequence of the meeting and rise exhibit of the meeting famous degree, attract more ginseng to postpone business; 2, distribute to the industry user of countrywide each district and circumjacent country and trafficker 200, 000 invitation letter and invitation, exhibit dispatch 100, 000 pieces, arouse more ginseng to exhibit business attends a meeting with visiting business attend reveal, look around purchase, exhibit the effect of the meeting in order to ensure; 3, the organization saves city association and case of foreign market hair to invite each to the whole nation form a delegation look around, send 300 thousand entrance ticket. Promotion group invites the key: The industry high level such as car, autocycle, machinery, electron, appearance, metallurgy, traffic, chemical industry, light industrial, shipbuilding, communication, environmental protection, food, national defence, war industry, aerospace and scientific research public figure of decision-making, government, purchase business, supplier, agency, agent to attend a meeting look around, negotiate. Program arranges 1, report for duty cloth exhibits: On March 6, 2009, 7 days (9: 00, 17: 00)
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