The project of oil gas cop that Turkey agrees with the Black Sea of the Red Sea
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According to Dow Jones An Ka helps a news, hilmi Guler of Turkey energy minister expresses, turkey and Israel had agreed to build the cop of join the Black Sea and the Red Sea. Say according to Guler, this cop will carry oil, natural gas, electric power and water. He expresses, osmanli Calik group will participate in the construction of this cop, this purpose builds project of cop of will patulous Samsun-Ceyhan.
It is reported, the subsidiary Calik Enerji of Calik group is planning with Italy company and collaboration of Indian Petroleum Company invest dust Buddhist nun 1.5 billion dollar is mixed in Samsun of city of the Black Sea Turkey mediterranean haven builds Jieyihan to be as long as the cop of 550 kilometers. After this cop builds will carry 50 million tons every year? 70 million tons Russia and Caspian oil. Guler expresses, this multipurpose cop still will be mixed to Israel at the same time Palestine area and Jordan supply water.