Long-term risk was blocked sewage pipes
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Road, Lane 210, who lives in four of Mr. Liu calls reflect sewer blockages of his house for a very long time. When the residents upstairs water, his family would take water scoop. This problem has not been resolved, it really troubles him. Liu and his wife, are over eighty. Said the old man, due to sewer blockages, the kitchen sink, always take the sewage. Sometimes he is cooking vegetables, Pelton will suddenly take the bubble, such as less than escape, he was a look of water will splash. To guard against this phenomenon, the elderly not only in the sink in the pre-placed bricks, sandbags, and then a bar, on the sink below, at any time to deal with sudden embarrassment. (TJ: This is where the problems cropped up after the water is not clear how many days will not pass (block) so now do not give us the following (property) to clear) It is understood that Mr. Liu Lao sewer blockage occurred at home, sink to take the sewage problem has been a long time. Not only his family suffer, and even the residents upstairs also deeply trouble. When the risk of sewage, the upstairs residents can stop the water. As residents of the ground floor of the manhole cover closed, resulting in the property can not be clear. In desperation, the property has been playing in the sewer pipe, a hole for the dredge, but still does not work. Property explained that they have repeatedly come to do the work, but unfortunately not with the residents on the ground floor. In this regard, they Jiangzai come do the work. If not, will be reported to relevant departments. Pipe blockage, sewage outside the cold. Not solved this problem long term, will certainly affect the daily life of residents. Want to be with the residents, to allow the property to clear as soon as possible, solve the problem.