Heat meter broken pipe cracked Handan residential buildings into a residentia
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"Just pass on the heating, hot table is not bad, is the crack pipe." Yesterday, who lives in North East, Handan Congtai Doo district heating call the newspaper about his experiences. 10:00 yesterday, the reporter saw in the Doo family, living room pieces on the wall half a meter long, irregular water-meter-wide track, plaster also followed a bunch of small bubbles float to the surface. Mr. Du told reporters that a month ago, the district has just completed the transformation of heat measurement, did not expect to just turn heating, newly installed heat meters and pipes together to "go wrong." The evening of 15 floor heating pipes running water, because that is not timely, overnight, the whole building became the "Water Curtain Cave" until the morning before the cut off water valves. Reporters on the fourth floor stairs around the corner to see a piece of heat meter in question, had been removed at this time take the side of the pipe. Corridor in the water mark has not completely receded, still dripping in front of unit. Basement was also flooded by half, a pair of middle-aged couples are swept out of the water. Building 4, Unit 3 is not just that, 2 units and 1 unit ran with water, the basement is "a vast ocean." According to Master Li, the property company, this year 1-4 Building community have carried out thermal measurement transformation, a total of 192 residents to be far from the heat about half of the 14 residents of the home heating problems. "Building 1-3, three heat meter is broken, broken, Building 4, two tables, pipes are old and out of order." Reporter contact with the City Heating Company, Technology Division official said that after the installation process of this should be a problem caused by a channel program, and has nothing to do with engineering materials, if installation problems due to damage caused by heat table, heat will be borne. Currently, we are currently doing maintenance staff.