PE-RT pipes about the implementation of new national standard
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PE-RT pipes about the purposes of the new national standard - According to China Net epoxy / resin industry in China introduced hot and cold water, heat-resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) pipe systems to implement national standards to be announced, it will be this year China plastic pipe industry, one of the most important events. Recently the two leading companies within the industry - 瑞士乔治费歇尔 pipeline system ("+ GF +"), and the U.S. Dow Chemical Company ("Dow") will have organized a series of PE-RT pipes discuss the new national standard to promote will, to each institute, detection unit, industry bodies and end users, PE-RT pipes introduced the new national standard basis of technical content and development, PE-RT of the new national standard for the industry, the impact of new technologies to further promote the new product ﹑ application. The workshop was divided into Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chongqing, Shenyang six stations across the country on the PE-RT pipes new national standard for promotion. The competent authorities will be invited to the leadership, industry association leaders, design experts, testing agencies and user units represented at the meeting, the drafters of the standard of the first seminar specifically described in the standard setting process, technical content and the starting point, and the implementation and application of the attention points. Dow GF and expressed the hope that through this series of seminars to guide and promote the health of the industry, orderly and rapid development and to regulate the market.
According to China Net epoxy / resin industry in China Online ( introduced, PE-RT pipes as a new type of plastic raw materials, 10 years ago by the Dow first introduced to the Chinese market, a unique The INSITETM patented production technology, it has superior heat resistance, durable resistance to static strength and excellent impact strength, and its production process without cross-linking. GF superb technology and design to ensure that the PE-RT pipes and engineering building a quality home improvement materials. Good flexibility and high temperature stability to PE-RT as a new environmentally friendly plastic materials, not only in the cold and hot water system applications, but also very suitable for floor radiant heating system. GF Dow and the product has been energy efficiency and low lead the world trend. The PE-RT pipes to implement the new national standard, is a PE-RT pipe products in China an important market segment, PE-RTI, II type of market classification, will enable the domestic market, PE-RT pipe products be more standardized, new standards in the original high-end market segmentation pipeline market, pipeline manufacturers to create a new technology opportunities. GF in the plastic pipe to 50 years experience in R & D, and Dow DOWLEX? PE-RT plastic in the hot and cold water applications nearly 30 years record of superior performance, continuous improvement of PE-RT pipe products, to superior quality, more durable, more environmentally friendly. It is worth mentioning that, to date the Dow DOWLEXPE-RT material pipe production has been well over 100 million kilometers.
GF Dow important partner as the two leading innovation in the development, close to the user needs to provide more products and services have a wide range of consensus, but also always making unremitting efforts. For China's current cooperative, GF, general manager of Shanghai Mr. Yuan Lihui said: "This is the history of cooperation with each other another important milestone, but also PE-RT pipes for the new national standard in a volunteer action. We look forward to Georg Fischer in this field with the Dow leading edge technologies and solutions, by providing reliable localized products, reach more users and help our own in the increasingly active economic environment to achieve innovation and growth. "According to epoxy network / Epoxy Resin Industry in China Online (, the "Dow Chemical Company is pleased to pipe industry in China and our strategic partner GF, work together to promote the new PE-RT the implementation of the national standard in China. the establishment of new national standards for Chinese enterprises to enter the pipe to provide a new high-end market benchmark. "based Dow Plastics Asia Pacific Vice President, Mr. Huang Zhuling said," This cooperation once again demonstrates our continued commitment to the Chinese market - as the production of octene copolymer linear low density polyethylene polymer raw material suppliers, Dow Chemical, in this regard make full use of technical advantage and market leadership for our provide customers with innovative solutions. "