Flaw-detecting apparatus of research and development of company of Wuhan Lei Di
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Because Wuhan still does not have a piece of whole whole town to provide net distributinging picture up to now, construction unit lacks exploration skill again, the underground of Wuhan is in charge of a net to often be dug to defeat. As we have learned, only October, wuhan appears 4 cases subterranean cop is dug accident (our newspaper ever reported) 23 days. Yesterday, company of Wuhan Lei Di contacts our newspaper, say this company is new a flaw-detecting apparatus that roll out, can defeat solution underground to be in charge of a net to be dug to defeat this one difficult problem, collect unit of 5 construction construction to take the lead in experiencing together with our newspaper.  
New fund flaw-detecting apparatus is just as cop vivid map
"This instrument can detect the distributinging case that manages a network to underground, return the satellitic map that can make tubal net distributing immediately, if the tubal network of clear of same Zhang Ming is distributed,pursue. " Wang Lin of director of Lei Di company introduces Wuhan, construction unit had the help of cop flaw-detecting apparatus, can reduce the odds that tubal net is dug to defeat greatly.  
According to introducing, detect personnel needs to set this cop apparatus only in cop upper part, pass electromagnetism induction, can manage the underground near test point very quickly the network " search " come out, accurate apace explores the seat that gives subterranean cop, survey the capable person that gets cop at the same time qualitative, norms, bury establish the information such as attribute of deepness, carrier, longitude and latitude, use these information GPRS to convey server, make tubal network distributinging plan.  
This company shows, this method operation is simple and quick, the cop that can offer be clear at a glance for construction personnel distributings consult.  
Collect 5 construction unit first experience
As we have learned, current, cop of Wuhan city underground is daedal, self-invited conduit, gas canal, cable amount to nearly 10 kinds, cent belongs to different unit management, because unit of a few construction does not undertake the survey tubal a network before construction, the its common occurance that same valve net is dug repeatedly. As we have learned, last year Wuhan unit of a construction ever by accident the country one class cable is dug, be in punish with the high specified number of 2 million.  
Wu Keyou of dean of branch department of cop of courtyard of survey of city program bureau thinks, wuhan develops in last few years faster, subterranean canal net is fluctuant and frequent, want to avoid this kind of circumstance happening, construction unit must be versed in to applying before construction area undertakes detailed underground provides net survey.  
Lei Di company shows Wuhan, this cop flaw-detecting apparatus already according to Wuhan earthy undertook relevant software upgrades, combine our newspaper to collect 5 construction unit now first experience.
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