First sewage disposal project starts complete of first phase project of Ning Do
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"A project " pass news of victory again, through nearly 5 years development, construction is mixed move, be known as the first phase project of Ning Dong water supply of lifeblood project, passed municipal hair smoothly to change appoint associated complete of the organization is checked and accept.
Project of Ning Dong water supply includes the source of a river project and only project matching water two parts, the project always invests 870 million yuan. Project since start working was built on December 26, 2003, wide high-ranking official of company of Ning Dongshui Wu is versed in and join the person that build, be in managing on the foundation of nearly 90 million yuan of capital, high quality, high level finished those who include two class pumping station, 22.2 kilometers to be defeated by a hole of Sui of water pipeline, 2.2 kilometers, storage capacity 24 million cubic moves store water library and capacity of day water supply the project of 400 thousand water works and moving management each task.
Fountainhead project connected water, formal in August 2005 Xiang Malian on June 13, 2005 water supply of station power plant. Move through safety of many days 900 at present, already to base water supply of accumulative total of unit of 15 5 industry user, afforest many 5000. This project and enterprise are obtained early or late " Chinese irrigation works is high grade award of project big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty " , " enterprise of countrywide outstanding irrigation works " wait for honor.
Yesterday, project of first sewage disposal starts Ning Dong formally. Dimensions of this project construction handles sewage for day 15 thousand tons, lay collect corrupt conduit 19.5 kilometers, always invest 40.5 million yuan.
The municipality leads Feng Jiong China to attend complete of first phase project of Ning Dong water supply and sewage disposal project to start a ceremony.