2008 natural gas and conduit only mark appoint examination meeting of standard
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To be finished satisfactorily work out of standard of business of company of group of Chinese oil natural gas edited 2008 the task, satisfy manufacturing need, the quality that ensures the standard weaves at the same time and level, natural gas of company of group of Chinese oil natural gas and conduit specialized standard turn committee (the following abbreviation " only mark appoint " ) draft standard for examination is held to examine in Beijing at will coming 24 days on October 23 meeting.
  is examined on the meeting, 28 when come from 12 units such as oil field of river of center of adjusting control of oil gas of Chinese oil natural gas and conduit branch, Beijing, distant only mark appoint committee member, expert and delegate are opposite " technology of crude oil pipeline runs regulations " the 2nd part " library. Personnel attending the meeting passes discussion of two days, reach unanimous opinion to modifying content.   
  conference thinks, unit of standard chief editor did a large number of works in standard work out, of the standard write a structure reasonable, technical content is comprehensive, have maneuverability. Write a format to accord with a regulation at the same time, can satisfy the need that duct of conduit of natural gas of our country oil manages.
  is examined on the meeting, personnel attending the meeting expresses consistently: 5 standards grant to be examined in order to pass. Conference requirement, approve the work to finish the cable of this state level as soon as possible, chief editor unit wants according to examine what can put forward to revise an opinion to undertake modification, form a newspaper to approve draft, use up wall bulletin to send a group the company only mark appoint secretariat.